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Behavioral Medicine Training

Access to behavioral health care is a national crisis. Almost 1 in 20 adults in the U.S. live with some form of serious mental illness, and there are not enough psychiatrists to give them the care they need.

An estimated 60% of Americans with behavioral health problems and nearly 90% of those with substance abuse problems are unable to get adequate care.

The reason? There is a severe shortage of trained prescribers. An estimated 65% of primary care physicians lack the time or training to diagnose and manage many psychiatric disorders, yet almost four out of five prescriptions for psychotropic drugs are written by physicians who aren’t psychiatrists.

The Solution: An Integrated Behavioral Health Training Program Implemented by Synergistic Health Services

The Synergistic Health Services Behavioral Training Program can create more providers trained in integrated behavioral healthcare, and make it possible for patients to receive high quality, effective behavioral health care in a primary care setting.

Synergistic Health Services uses a specifically tailored hybrid Biodyne® training program that teaches advanced practitioners in:

  • Brief, intermittent, effective behavioral interventions
  • Advanced psychopharmacology

Training Objectives

Our training program creates compassionate, culturally-aware behavioral healthcare professionals who advocate for their patients, provide their communities with the highest quality of care, recognize their obligation to provide care to the underserved, and foster the advancement of and leadership in the behavioral health profession.

Our Goals

  • To prepare behavioral health providers to deliver patient-centered care
  • To work in an interdisciplinary environment operating as a team
  • To utilize evidence-based practices with quality improvement methodologies
  • To apply technology to aid in patient care

Experience behavioral health services that are truly collaborative.